The Bard’s Galliard

… or how to party like an Elizabethan

Here is the archival video of The Bard’s Galliard, a compilation of dance scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, introduced by a scene that stages excerpts from Renaissance dancing manuals.


Title of Work: The Bard’s Galliard
Date of Performance: Apr. 1999
Location of Performance: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Producer, Director, and Choreographer: Emily Winerock
Kelly Armendariz (Benvolio, Polixenes, Ferdinand, King Henry VIII),
Rob Cross (Thoinot Arbeau, Mercutio, Florizel, Berowne, Lord Sands),
Jeff Greenstein (Fabritio Caroso, Lord Capulet, Clown, Sir Toby Belch, Boyet, Cardinal Wolsey),
Kathy Johnson (Perdita, Katharine, lady in waiting),
Jean Lee (Juliet, Mopsa, Rosaline, lady in waiting),
Geoff Mitelman (Cousin Capulet, Old Shepherd, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Lord Chamberlain),
Jared Ramos (Capriol, Romeo, Camillo, Longaville, Guildford),
Yuliy Sannikov (A lord, a shepherd, Sir Thomas Lovell),
Amanda Whitehead (Disciple, Dorcas, Princess of France, Anne Boleyn)
Music Direction: Jessie Shelton
Mea Cook (cello), Chanda DeLong (flute), Scott Eblen and Erez Lirov (trumpet),  Lillian Pierce (violin), Jonathan Vinocour (viola)
Costumer: Jeanne Woon
Stage Manager: Bob Smiley
Date published or posted online: Sept. 1, 2015
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Program and Video Clips by Scene

Overture: “Manschaft Pavan” – based on Inns of Court’s “Turkelone”


Opening Dance, Song: “Belle qui tiens ma vie” – Thoinot Arbeau


Scene 1: An Introduction to Renaissance Court Dance – from Thoinot Arbeau’s Orchesography (1589)
& Fabritio Caroso’s Nobiltà di dame (1600) , translated by Julia Sutton


Scene 2: from Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 4


Scene 3: from Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 5
“Alta Mendoza” – Cesare Negri
“Earl of Salisbury’s Pavan” – William Byrd


Scene 4: from The Winter’s Tale Act 4, Scene 4
“Now is the month of Maying” – Thomas Morley


Scene 5: from Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 3


Scene 6: from Love’s Labours’s Lost Act 4, Scene 3


Scene 7: from Love’s Labours’s Lost Act 5, Scene 2
“Manshaft Pavan”


Scene 8: from Henry VIII Act 1, Scene 4
“Manshaft Pavan”
“La Volta” – Michael Praetorius


Revels with Audience
“The Pinagay Branle” – Thoinot Arbeau


Bows and Closing Words
“Belle qui tiens ma vie,” reprise


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