The Merry Wives of Windsor (opera with ballet)

Check out a video clip of the ballet overture from the opera The Merry Wives of Windsor based on the Shakespeare play:

Video Clip Details

Title of Clip: Rosella Hightower in Merry Wives of Windsor
Title of Work: The Merry Wives of Windsor
Act and Scene: Overture
Release Date: 1966
Where Filmed: Austria 
Director: Georg Tressler
Director of Photography: Hannes Staudinger
Screenplay: Norman Foster
Performers: Rosella Hightower (with Normal Foster)
Choreographer: Rosella Hightower (with Honoria Plesch)
Music Score: Otto Nicolai
Conductor: Milan Horvath
Orchestra: Zagreb Philharmonic
Production Company: Wien Film
Date published or posted online: Aug 7, 2008
Publisher: jkircher314
Source URL:
More Info:

For other examples of dancing in Shakespeare plays, those of his contemporaries, and Shakespeare-inspired performances see our YouTube channel: ShakespeareAndDance at

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