King Lear

Check out video clips from productions of King Lear with interesting dance and movement.

Coming soon! Stay tuned for background information and commentary for each video.


Video Clip Details

Title of Clip: 2011 King Lear – Edinburgh International Festival
Title of Work:  King Lear
Act and Scene:  Montage
Date of Performance:  2011
Location of Performance:  Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Producer: Not available
Director: Wu Hsing-kuo
Performers: Wu Hsing-kuo
Choreographer: Wu Hsing-kuo
Date published or posted online: Jun 10, 2011
Publisher: EdintFest
Source URL:
More Info: A one-man performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear that combines Jingju (Peking Opera) with postmodern dance.


Updated December 17, 2021.

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